Future of the network

As part of the research network we would like to facilitate discussion and engagement between medical radiation practitioners (MRPs) in centres across Australia and New Zealand as much as possible. As such, we are in the process of developing a quarterly online electronic journal club.

It is anticipated that this forum will be free of charge for all practitioners. Practitioners may also be able to utilise documentary evidence from the journal club activities to contribute as demonstration of continuing professional development.

As well as being a resource for individual MRPs it may be of use to organisations in supporting in-service journal club delivery, and in providing evidence in the form of current research articles and an expert critique of these to facilitate practice change.

In order to ensure that this is developed in line with what the practitioners and clinical organisations require, we are undertaking an initial scoping exercise to gather evidence that can then be utilised in the design and implementation of the online electronic journal club. Read more about this here.

Example of how the journal club will work

The ANZMRRN will nominate an expert in a particular field to select and critique an article relevant to radiation therapy practice.

Day 1: A reference for the article will be posted onto the journal club platform. This will be a citation to the article not the original article due to copyright.

As a participant you will be advised to access the article and read it and reflect on how this relates to your practice. You will need to gain access from your organisational literature databases (where possible we will encourage use of open access publications).

Days 7-21: The reviewer will post some discussion prompts onto the journal club platform and facilitate discussion related to these. These prompts may be linked to research methods, and discipline-specific content of the paper. Participants will be expected to share their perspectives, experiences, reflections and also comment on any other literature that might be relevant.

Day 22: The reviewers’ critique of the article will be posted onto the journal club platform.

Day 23-27: The participants reflect on the previous discussions in light of the reviewers’ critique and add further contributions to the forum.

Day 28: Reviewer posts a summary of the key themes of the discussions onto the journal club platform.

Follow up activities: Participants will be encouraged to reflect more formally on their experiences by documenting their reflections and action planning how they will translate what they have experienced in the journal club into their practice.