Survey of educators

iStock_000006348547Large_keyboardThe aim of the small scale survey will be to establish the potential viability of an online journal club and to ascertain the preferred frequency and format of such a resource according to Clinical Educators.

Study design: Short anonymous online survey

Survey design: Combination of closed-ended, Likert scale and open ended questions

Population: Australian and New Zealand Clinical Educators

Sample: Convenience sample

This survey is a service development tool, it is not intended that the results of the study will be published; as such Ethics approval was not necessary.

Data analysis: Descriptive statistics and content analysis

Question structure:

Example of closed-ended questions:

How many times a year do you think the online electronic journal club should be convened? (Indicate your preference with a tick √)

1   ______            2   ______            3   ______            4   ______

Example of Likert-style question:

On a scale from 1 (Very Likely) to 5 (Very Unlikely) how likely do you think your centre would be to use the journal club article and activities?

1   ______            2   ______            3   ______            4   ______            5   ______

Example of open-ended question:

Please use the free text space to provide some examples of journal club topics that your centre would be interested in: