Dr Giovanni Mandarano, PhD


Current position: Radiographer, Academic and researcher

Years qualified: 25 years

Research areas of interest: Any area of Medical Imaging, nano particles, contrast media/agents, hybrid imaging, radiation safety, quality improvement.

Would you describe yourself as a ‘novice’ or ‘experienced’ researcher? Experienced

Research qualifications (include status: e.g. ongoing, year completed) PhD

What is your greatest research achievement? Completing, PhD, learning about experimental methodology and successful study design, publishing, etc.

Why and how did you get involved in research? I wanted to solve an emerging and ongoing clinical problem.

How do you balance research/work/family life? It’s difficult, but it can be done. It’s all about priorities and timelines.

How did you find a mentor/supervisor? I came up with a project, I figured out which areas I needed the most help in and then I set about identifying who were the best possible supervisors that had the same level of interest in my project as I did.

What was/is your supervisor/mentor’s best advice? Design you experiments to answer the research questions/aims/objectives. Plan you research carefully, understand the methodology, check it twice, then commence.

What do you enjoy most about being involved in research?
The creative and innovative way that you can solve problems

What has been your biggest challenge or barrier to being involved in research? Synchronising your timelines with collaborators.

What one piece of advice would you give other researchers? Just get started. It will be great.