Kelly Wilson-Stewart


Current position: Medical Imaging Lecturer and Clinical Radiographer

Years qualified as an RT: 20 years

Research areas of interest: Utilisation of media tools and simulation to enhance health education, occupational radiation doses to staff in angiographic suites.

Would you describe yourself as a ‘novice’ or ‘experienced’ researcher? Novice

Why did you decide to get involved in research? I enjoy improving my practice in the teaching space by using an evidence based approach, and I am passionate about providing a safe working environment for staff involved in fluoroscopic procedures.

Who encouraged you to get involved in research and who do you go to for advice when you need it? My colleagues both within my university and clinical environments.

What sort of activities/studies have you been involved in? I am currently the chief investigator in a pilot clinical study researching the eye and brain radiation dose to staff during angiographic cases. I have also been involved with numerous action research projects within the undergraduate courses of Medical Radiation Science and Podiatry.

What do you enjoy most about being involved in this/these research activities? Evidence based improvement of practice.

What has been your biggest challenge or barrier to being involved in research? Taking the first step and writing articles for publication.

What one piece of advice would you give other researchers who have never been involved in research before?
Find something you are passionate about.