Robert Nigro



Robert Nigro

Profession: Radiation Therapist

Current Position: Radiation Therapist

Years Qualified: 6

What are your areas of interest in research? Electronic Compensation (E-COMP), Image Guidance, VMAT

Would you describe yourself as a ‘novice’ or ‘experienced’ research? Experienced

Research qualifications? Completed Masters of Health Administration 2015

What is your greatest research achievement?
Project Investigator for implementing ECOMP at PMCC

Why and how did you get involved in research? A research project came about from my final year masters course – my enjoyment in research stemmed from there

How do you balance research/work/family life? I think I managed it fine – study days help

How did you find a mentor/supervisor? It all started with a coffee with the project sponsor and several meetings spiralled from there

What do you enjoy most about being involved in research? Collating the results from a project you have managed

What has been your biggest challenge or barrier to being involved in research? I found the very beginning the hardest – finding a suitable research project to begin with.

What one piece of advice would you give other researchers? Hard work and dedication will pay off. The key is to be patient

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