Australian and New Zealand Medical Radiations Research Network

Welcome to the Australian and New Zealand Medical Radiations Research Network – ANZMRRN. Our goal is to bring medical radiation professionals together in all aspects of research. We hope the ANZMRRN will become a central meeting space for radiation researchers whether novice or expert, across Australia and New Zealand.

It is a place to share ideas, to find research resources, to offer help and expertise to colleagues and above all to collaborate. We are committed to continually improving and advancing radiation therapy and medical imaging practices through innovative and exploratory scientific, clinical and professional research that touches all aspects of our practice. Our ultimate desire is to increase high quality medical radiations research to add to the scientific literature in order to improve treatment outcomes for our patients.

Radiation Therapists and Psychosocial Support survey

We need your experience and knowledge. Help us to understand what Radiation Therapists’ (RTs) know, and their skills and interest in providing psychosocial support for people with cancer. RTs in Australia, New Zealand and Canada can participate in this online survey by clicking the link, Radiation Therapists and Psychosocial Support Survey. The survey results will help determine the need for future professional development and interventions to help reduce anxiety in our patients.

You can earn CPD points for participating, however the greater satisfaction will be the contribution you make to RT practice and patient care! Thank you for your valuable time and input.

Research ethics approval has been granted by The University of Sydney, Research Integrity & Ethics Administration, Human Research Ethics Committee.

For enquiries please contact Kelly Elsner – Senior RT and MPhil (Research) candidate, University of Sydney,

To commence survey click here.

Featured Researcher Profiles

Mentorship and Collaboration in Research - Amy Brown, Advanced Radiation Therapist at Townsville Cancer Centre

The Research Journey – Worth the trip! - Elizabeth Brown, Advanced Radiation Therapist at the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane

Gary Denham
Research areas of interest: imaging pathways and appropriateness, patient safety, technology and legal compliance. Read more… 
Gary Denham Radiographer

Suzanne Henwood
I have a passion to improve and contribute in the profession. Read more…
Suzanne Henwood Associate Professor

Online Journal Club

As part of the research network we would like to facilitate discussion and engagement between medical radiation practitioners (MRPs) in centres across Australia and New Zealand as much as possible. As such, we are in the process of developing a quarterly online electronic journal club. Watch the video below, and read more here.