Mission Statement

Our aim is to support and promote research by the members of the medical imaging and radiation therapy professions in Australia and New Zealand. This is be achieved by:

  1. Providing a central web space for medical radiation professionals to come together in all aspects of research
  2. Providing a spectrum of assistance for novice researchers as well as learning opportunities for radiation professionals who have research qualifications
  3. Providing an active network that facilitates, identifies and engages in collaborative research projects
  4. Providing member profiles with details of areas of expertise
  5. Facilitating the development of high-quality multi-centre research projects
  6. Providing access to useful online resources and tools (from simple flow charts about how to start a research project to statistical texts) for researchers
  7. Providing active project profiles and calls for collaboration
  8. Providing expert consultation about specific research processes, statistics, ethics applications, grants and writing for publication
  9. Advertising upcoming grants, educational opportunities and important conferences
  10. Linking with international research networks to encourage world-wide collaboration
  11. Linking with universities and academia.