Advanced practice through research

New Zealand

University of Otago, Postgraduate Programmes in Radiation Therapy


The Curriculum Framework for Radiation Therapy Advanced Practice was developed by a consortium of Universities, including Monash University, University of Newcastle, University of South Australia, Queensland University of Technology, and RMIT University, as the result of a Department of Health and Ageing funded project.

Four complementary research strands were designed to inform the development of the Framework, and to build on the limited evidence for radiation therapy advanced practice in Australia. The mixed-methods research strategy included a literature review, stakeholder surveys, semi-structured interviews, and a modified Delphi process.

Informed by the data, the resultant Curriculum Framework for Radiation Therapy Advanced Practice centres on a Masters by Research (Masters of Philosophy) undertaken concurrently with specialist supported clinical mentoring. The objective of the Masters’ research project is to underpin the knowledge, skills and attributes required of the radiation therapy advanced practitioner within the scope determined by local need. Similarly, clinical specialist mentoring focuses on the practical skill development of the radiation therapy advanced practitioner according to the intended local scope of practice.

If you believe that your research interest may be expanded to inform an advanced practice outcome, please consult the University websites for further details.


Advanced Practice Through Research

Advanced Practice Through Research