Chris James

Current position: Charge Radiation Therapist

Years qualified as an RT: 4 years

Why did you decide to get involved in research?

I want to further my understanding of radiation therapy and its associated fields, as well as assisting my department in being leaders in the field and advancing the profession.

Who encouraged you to get involved in research and who do you go to for advice when you need it?

I have always enjoyed learning and I am very lucky to have had a lot of experienced and knowledgeable colleagues and superiors to help and guide my interests.

What sort of activities/studies have you been involved in?

Clinical research, data collection, study design, protocol development, case study analysis and presentation, literature reviews, technical working groups.

What do you enjoy most about being involved in these research activities?

The chance to broaden my knowledge and contribute to the advancement of my department and the profession.

What one piece of advice would you give other researchers who have never been involved in research before?

Find someone with experience and learn everything you can off them.