Minh Chau



Profession: Radiographer

Current position: Honours Student – Bachelor of Medical Radiation Science (Medical Imaging) (with Honours), The University of South Australia, Division of Health Sciences, School of Health Sciences, Adelaide, South Australia.

Years qualified: 2016

Research areas of interest: Ultrasound

Would you describe yourself as a ‘novice’ or ‘experienced’ researcher? Novice

Why did you decide to get involved in research?

In 2014, I completed my Research Vacation scholarship with the focus on determining whether transcranial ultrasound could be used to diagnose Parkinson’s disease earlier and more accurately than is currently possible. I then decided to get further involved in research through Honours.

Who encouraged you to get involved in research and who do you go to for advice when you need it?

The University of South Australia (specifically the academic staff from the School of Health Sciences) has been a great influence and/or encouragement to undergraduate students to get involved in research. I always go to my research supervisors when I need advice.

What sort of activities/studies have you been involved in?

I have been involved in all aspects of a quantitative research study, including research training, protocol training, participant recruitment, data collection, data treatment (statistical analysis), and writing journal manuscripts.

What do you enjoy most about being involved in these research activities?

It has been the most rewarding and enjoyable journey so far (It feels great to become an valuable member of a well-experienced research team).

What has been your biggest challenge or barrier to being involved in research?

Time! It was very challenging to keep up with the timeline for data collection, thesis writing and clinical placements.

What one piece of advice would you give other researchers who have never been involved in research before?

Doing Honours was one of the best decisions I have made!

Is there any other information you wish to share with the network?

I am also currently employed as a Research Officer at the University of South Australia. My primary roles include interpreting and analysing quantitative and qualitative research data, and assisting in journal manuscripts writing and preparation.