Scott Jones



Basic demographics: 25-year-old male living in Brisbane.

Current position: Radiation Therapist

Years qualified as an RT: 5

Research areas of interest: Breast Cancer

Research qualifications: BAppSc Medical Radiation Technology (Radiation Therapy)

What is your greatest research achievement?

Having my first research study finally published.

Why and how did you get involved in research?

I got involved by talking with the Queensland Principal Research Fellow (Dr Rebecca Owen) about my interest in investigating the breast radiotherapy technique in place at ROMC. From there a project idea was developed. I wanted to get involved in research as a means of improving or maintaining our quality of practice. I also enjoy seeing a project go from start to finish with practical outcomes put into place.

How do you balance research/work/family life?

Keep in mind what my top priorities are and then decide how I can work everything else around that.

How did you find a mentor/supervisor?

Through asking questions and networking with people you know that are involved in research. Find someone you get along well with and that you know has enough experience to guide you along the right path.

What do you enjoy most about being involved in research?

I love learning new things and research is a great way to do this as part of my career in RT. I enjoy having projects to work on where I can learn new techniques, information and skills which can result in practical and tangible outcomes.