Allison Dry



Allison Dry


Current position:Senior Rad Therapist-Education
Years qualified as an RT: 25 years

Research areas of interest:
Students, how to maintain recency of knowledge, advance practice

Would you describe yourself as a ‘novice’ or ‘experienced’ researcher? Novice

Why did you decide to get involved in research?
Have always wanted to know “why”; like answering questions with evidence based reasoning

Who encouraged you to get involved in research and who do you go to for advice when you need it?
Elizabeth Brown, I go to Cath Hargrave for advice

What sort of activities/studies have you been involved in? (e.g. data collection, planning, supportive care/clinical research)
clinical research and assisting students, interns with research projects & admin support

What do you enjoy most about being involved in this/these research activities? watching practitioners grow in confidence and knowledge

What one piece of advice would you give other researchers who have never been involved in research before? Dip your toe in the water and get a good mentor

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